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The 12 hour flight from Vancouver to Shanghai was a breeze. A half full plane with lots of empty rows of seats for sleeping. That took care of about 8 hours and a couple of movies later we were preparing to land.

When I emerged from the arrivals gate, Mr Chen from Dulwich College Suzhou (pronounced su-cho) was waiting for me with my first ever chauffeur-with-personal-name-sign so I made him suffer through a full photo shoot for the record.

Mr Chen

My Driver, Mr Chen

After a few hand signals and lots of smiling we were on our way for the two-hour drive to Suzhou. I took a couple of snaps of Shanghai as we sailed by. The smog was relentless and cast an eerie orange glow across the city.

Shanghai Wires

Shanghai at Dusk

Shanghai Sunset

Darkness had fallen as we arrived outside my brother Russell’s apartment compound. There was a frenzy of traffic and people and, through the chaos, I saw a familiar face – my gorgeous nephew Edward! He negotiated with the driver and got my luggage together and we made our way up to the high rise apartment where Russell and Mary live with their two boys, Edward and David. Unfortunately, Mary had broken her foot a couple of weeks prior and was in a cast. But that didn’t seem to slow her down one bit. It was actually kind of funny that we were both hobbling about for one reason or another but not missing out on any opportunities.

The next day Russ took me on a tour of the immediate environs on the back of his cool and quiet electric bike (e-bike). The traffic/pedestrian system is ‘interesting’ to say the least, but everyone is travelling so slowly and knows the ‘code’ so it all seems to work quite well.

eBike Lane with Russ

Russ takes on the e-bike lane

here are still a few rickshaws around in the tourist areas, but the e-bike seems to be the preferred mode of transport.

Jo RikshawStreetscape with eBikesWe visited the Jinji Lake area and drove across the Ligongdi Rd causeway for a view back across the lake to the gargantuan new arch that straddles Suhua Road, the main arterial of Suzhou.

Ligongdi Rd Causeway

Ligongdi Rd Causeway

Jinji LakeIMG_1327The subway is clean and efficient. So strange to be the only Caucasian faces as far as the eye could see – at least Russ was easy to find in a crowd!

Russ and Jo on Subway

Russ and Jo on the Suzhou Subway

We visited one of the temples in the inner city area where they have a pyre for the Chinese people to burn money to send it to their ancestors.

Jo Money to Burn

Money to Burn at Xuan Miao Taoist Temple

I was pleased to see the street vendors offering a healthy range of snacks and lunches – although KFC and McDonalds are ever present.

Street Food Salad wide

Healthy Street Snacks

Mac D at Temple

No Comment

The emerging middle class trappings were quite evident including the ubiquitous Apple Store.Handbag ShopApple StoreIn the afternoon, I accompanied Russ to the Suzhou International Foreign Language School where he is teaching Year 11 and 12 Physics through a collaborative arrangement with the Queensland Education Department. I videotaped his lively Year 11 Physics Lab class for a while then ventured out to the shopping precinct near the school. I’ve never seen so many tiny stalls packed into one building, but each one had something unique to offer. I pulled into a tiny nail salon and requested a manicure with shellac. I thought the lady said the price would be 50 RMB ($10 AUD) – ridiculously cheap, but when it was done she politely extracted 15 RMB from my pile of notes and smiled sweetly ($3 AUD). Crazy! I tipped her another 10 RMB and she strongly protested! Such generous and honest people. I connected back with Russ at the school and we headed home.

A nice evening in with a fabulous meal a la Russ as we surveyed the fabulous view from the balcony. The smog is ever present in Suzhou, but the pollution meter readings are quite mild compared to Shanghai.

Suzhou Panorama

Panorama View from the Balcony

I took the opportunity to take Russ and Mary through the Metabolic Symphony Program teaching materials to get some feedback. Mary was highly impressed and insistent that I try out some of the music activities with her Grade 5 class at Dulwich College the next day. I was thrilled!