Preaching to the Converted


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Last night I had the immense pleasure of dining in Marina Del Ray with my friend Carol and her amazing colleague Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies – a digital visualization tool that helps people focus in on their self-improvement goals.

Natalie has built a successful digital empire by trusting her gut (and her specialists team) and reaching for the stars. Very inspirational stuff!  I can only hope a little of her wisdom rubbed off on me.

Much ‘food’ for thought, so no sleep for me last night!  Churn churn churn and then the alarm went off…

And so this morning, as the sun rose, I was on a train speeding through the sprawling suburbs on my way to the LA Children’s Hospital. I am most grateful to dedicated Paediatric Endocrinologist, Dr Lynda Fisher, who generously arranged for me to showcase my program to a curious group of health professionals.

Jo GIles and Dr Lynda Fisher

Jo Giles and Dr Lynda Fisher

I was thrilled to be presenting to a full room of Endocrinologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Diabetes Educators and Interns.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and I eagerly received their feedback.

There was robust debate about the ubiquitous 8700 kJs (2000 cal) adult intake value that has been created by the food industry to give relevance to their nutritional information. We all agreed there was room for some more accurate information for consumers regarding their food intake allowances.  The Calibrate card game was able to deliver that in spades.

I appreciated the candidness of clinicians from the Obesity Clinic who wondered how the Calibrate and Energy In Energy Out games might go down with young people with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.  The discussion seemed to settle on the need for local sensitivity at the point of delivery to patients – just as it would be for Teachers delivering the program at school with overweight students in the audience. We agreed that, by sticking to the straight science throughout the program, it would be possible to save both their pride and their lives.

I was punching the air as dear Carol scooped me back up from the train station and ferried me off to see her friend Nitta Jingles, a former Principal and now CEO and Founder of Success Work College Preparatory Academy for boys in Long Beach.  Nitta had a good look through the kit and shared her feedback and tips on how schools typically procure resources. Thanks for the pep talk about pricing Nitta, I’m on it!

Oh!  And did I mention that our Metabolic Symphony Program WEBSITE HAS GONE LIVE!

All in all a brilliant day!






The Adventure Continues…


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For over three years now, I have been spending every spare moment developing an education program that will give the next generation some insight into how the metabolism works – particularly in relation to energy balance – and provide some practical strategies to avoid lifestyle-related disease, particularly Type 2 Diabetes.

I have learned so much amazing stuff about the metabolic processes and why the changing food landscape is threatening our health on a global scale. I have also come to realise that the majority of the population knows very little about how energy is managed in the body.

And so the Metabolic Symphony Program was born.

We owe it to our children to teach them about their energy management system and how to negotiate a world where the food supply is increasingly unreliable, and their opportunities for physical activity are diminishing.

My journey has led me here to Los Angeles, USA.

I’m feeling foggy from jet lag and more than a little apprehensive as I prepare to go face to face this week with an eclectic bunch of US health professionals for show and tell on the Metabolic Symphony Program.

I’m so grateful for the support I have been receiving from my dear friend Carol here in LA.

Many other passionate and dedicated people have worked so hard to get all the program collateral together. Now it is time to show it to the world ….. and see what comes back.

I’ll be posting regularly as I travel around the USA, Canada and China over the next month engaging health and education professionals and standing on street corners watching the world go by.  I would love it if you could check in occasionally and give me your feedback.  Many thanks!